Vale Cross Country Championships 2016- Results

Updated: January 29, 2016

Vale Cross Country Championships 2016- Results


We have had a great sunny but cold day yesterday at the Vale Cross Country Championships in Radley. Our school was very well represented and all students gave their very best in all races. Here are some of the results:

Team performances and some individual performances:

U13 Boys – 1st Place

Simon Fahl – 3rd Place
Seb Rawes 11th
Ignace Despointes- 15th
This is a very talented and able team and this first place is a result of it. Most of them will run again next year in this age group.
U13 Girls – 2nd Place

Rebecca Jowett 7th, Emilie Revill-Hivet 9th
U15 Boys – 3rd Place

U15 Girls- 3rd Place

Alissa Sattentau S2 young for this age group 11 place
U17 Boys – 3rd Place

August Lykke-Møller – 7th Place
Benoit Picketty -8th Place
U17 Girls – 3rd Place

Tessa Hall 9th
U19 Boys – 2nd Place

Chris Paul 6th
Jakob Fahl 7th
U19 Girls – 2nd Place

Miriam Taylor 6th, Miasy Lopez-Piggott 8th, Eloise Lloyd 9th, Amelie De Bronac De Vaselhes 10th
ESC Overall boys- 2nd Place / Abingdon Boys- 1st Place

Overall Girls- 2nd Place / St. Helens- 1st Place

See the team photos on the following link:

image  image image image image image image image image image

Next week we will have the U15-U19 Girls & Boys County Championships 2016 on Tuesday 2nd February. All students are looking forward to this challenge.

José Carlos

On behalf of the PE department

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